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Growing Youth Work

During my ten years as a parish priest on the Essex-Suffolk border, we grew our youth work tenfold. In this video, I talk about how that happened. In particular, I talk to the St Albans Diocesan Youth Missioner, Christian Cole, the ten key things we did. These were:

  1. As parish priest, I was totally involved – showing this was a priority.
  2. Met on a Friday evening – no homework, clubs or sport.
  3. Met at our house – more welcoming than a church hall.
  4. Took on an intern to work with youth – through Time for God.
  5. Had pizza, games and chilling – not just teaching.
  6. Worshipped, prayed and studied together – not just fun.
  7. Went on weekends away together – twice a year.
  8. Had services run by the youth – not services for the youth.
  9. Loved the young people as individuals – not just a “project”.
  10. Prayed for the young people – every day for ten years.


You can find out more about St Albans diocesan youth and children’s work here.

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