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Where is Truth Now? – Agenda for Action

Is Truth going out of fashion? No one likes to be lied to, yet “fake news” and disinformation have never been more widespread. Is Truth now an outdated idea? Who is spreading all this false information and what impact is it having on the way we tackle major issues like the Covid pandemic, racism or climate change? What can faith communities and individuals do to push back the tide? The Where is Truth Now? project – which I’ve been heading up with my colleagues John Forrest and Peter Crumpler – is considering these issues.

In 2019, we brought together at Lambeth Palace two dozen senior delegates who hold key positions in faith, media, science, technology and academia. At this roundtable symposium, we discussed these issues and produced an Agenda for Action (available here).

If you’re interested in getting involved in this project, please let me know.

I’ll be posting more of the project’s work over the coming months.

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