General Synod Election Address

Once again I’m standing for election for the Church of England’s General Synod. Every candidates has the opportunity to write a 2-page election address. Here is mine.

Travels in Canada (20th July 2017)

14 April 202 Topics Church and Gospel Good News for Today’s World Mission and Ministry Sharing Twenty Years Experience Projects and Initiatives Science, Tech, Truth and More Sermons and Talks A Selection of My Ideas Reflections on My Life A Few Stories and Insights My might was fairly eventful. I woke up at what would […]

Travels in Canada (19th July 2017)

In 2017 I took Extended Study Leave and had the privilege of being invited to the Diocese of Alberta by Archbishop Greg Kerr-Wilson. During that time I kept a detailed journal which I have decided to share.

Learning from the Sidelines

Moving to a new position lets me watch from the sidelines as someone else doing my old job. It’s wonderfully illuminating and has given me ideas about how to improve.

Doodling in My Bible

Doodling in my Bible has helped me to grow as a Christian more than almost anything else. I really got to know God’s great promises.

“Demotion” – Benefits and Insights

It was during Morning Prayer at St Albans Cathedral that the idea of voluntary “demotion” came to me. I like to think of it as a calling from God. So, it’s no surprise then, that it’s been a peculiar kind of blessing through which I’ve gained a lot.